Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

Here’s a great recipe that combines healthy whey protein and all the antioxidant powers of blueberries into a delicious breakfast that everyone in the house will enjoy!

Serving Size:  2-4
Calories:  153 per serving
Carbohydrates:  7g
Dietary Fiber:  0g
Sugars: 3g
Protein:  28 g


½ cup (not packaged) fat-free cottage cheese
½ scoop Medi-Weightloss Clinics® Whey Vanilla Protein Shake
3 large egg whites
½ cup blueberries


1. Spray non-stick cooking spray in skillet over medium heat.
2. Spoon some of the mixture into skillet, forming a 3-4 inch round pancake.
3. Cook until underside is slightly browned, then flip and lightly brown other side.
4. Repeat until all mixture is used.
5. Add blueberries on top until slightly melted.

Note: Add 1 tsp. sugar free maple or caramel syrup for flavor.