Improves frown lines.

This treatment injectable is for the person who is bothered by deep furrows between their brows known as the frown lines or glabellar lines. It ages a person’s face by the sunken in line in the middle of the forehead.

By targeting the frown lines or glabellar lines this treatment will give a more youthful appearance to the face overall. Over t laserbeauty.comime as the skin ages, you can be left with deep lines and wrinkles from natural expressions you make everyday. Xeomin when injected into the skin blocks the signals that the nerves send to contract the muscle to make the line more prominent. By stopping this nerve action the line is less severe in appearance.


  • Reduces Frown Lines
  • Smoothes The Area Between The Brows
  • Lasts For Longer Than Botox
  • Uses The Same Neurotoxins That Are Safe

Before & After