What is BodyRight?

BodyRight is a new treatment series to transform the body layer by layer, utilizing two world-class body treatments that address three key aspects of the body (tissue, muscle, and skin laxity).

Who is the ideal patient for BodyRight?

BodyRight is for everyBODY looking to tone muscle, target deep tissue, and/or tighten skin. Consult your provider for a list of contradictions.

What areas can be treated?

The key treatment areas include abdomen, arms, inner/outer thighs, back of the legs, and buttocks.

How many sessions are needed?

A BodyRight treatment series consists of 5 PHYSIQ treatments plus 3 Virtue DeepRF treatments. This may vary based on your goals. Your provider will create a treatment plan with you during your consult.

Is there downtime with BodyRight?

There is no downtime with PHYSIQ treatments. With Virtue DeepRF, expect micro scabs to persist for approximately 2 weeks after each treatment. Once resolved, you may proceed with PHYSIQ/DeepRF treatment(s).

How often are treatments performed?

The BodyRight series takes approximately 12 weeks. Virtue DeepRF is performed every 4 weeks, with PHYSIQ layered in between.

How long will it take to see results?

While results will be seen at the end of the treatment, optimal results will be seen 3 to 6 weeks after completion of the series.

For more information, please consult your provider!