Top Reasons to Choose MEDI

Nationwide, our patients have lost nearly 3 million pounds using our physician-supervised program. Here’s why you should visit a location today (or tell a friend) and start adding to our pounds lost milestone –
1. Individualized Care: Our program is tailored to your medical and health requirements, and includes nutrition and exercise education, one-on-one counseling, and the support and motivation you need to win the weight loss battle.
2. Long-Term Wellness: Once you reach your goal weight, we use state-ofthe-art technology to help you determine your exact caloric needs for weight maintenance. Plus, we continue to offer you the education and support you need to continue your wellness journey.
3. Evidence-Based Medicine: Our award-winning Clinical Outcomes Research indicates that the Medi-Weightloss® Program is indeed the one that works!® Schedule a Free Assessment to learn more about our clinically proven program and how you could lose up to 10 pounds† the first week.
4. Signature Patient Website
• Track your personal weight statistics and your daily activities.
• Discover exclusive recipes, including our Chef’s Series, and choose from hundreds of exercises and workouts, including videos and
step-by-step photos.
• Succeed and help others by sharing your success story. You can also see your next appointment to help you stay on track.
5. Corporate Wellness Program: More than 200 employers across the nation are subsidizing all or a portion of their employees’ program fees. Your company may already be a partner. If not, we can help you pitch the program to your company.
6. Referral Savings: When you refer a friend or family member to our program, we thank you both with $25 off your next visit. Ask us for details.
7. Signature Supplements & Products: We make weight loss delicious. Our products contain only the highest quality ingredients. Plus, when you
shop online at, you can have your favorite products delivered to your door.
8. Family Solutions: Our Adolescent Program is helping our youth be healthier today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.