Glans Penis Filler is a relatively recent PAINLESS non-surgical method fine-tuned by Dr. D.G. Moon in 2003. It consists in the painless insertion of hyaluronic acid (a totally resorbable filler) into the glans at a superficial intradermic level, requiring only local anesthetic numbing.


Reasons to have a Glans Augmentation:

  1. Aesthetic enlargement of the glans. The increase in volume obtained is generally not huge, but around 10 – 20%. It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, where an increase of volume is desired only in the glans or it can be combined with a full penile shaft girth enhancement procedure. When a penile girth enhancement alone is performed, a volumetric increase of the girth of the shaft of penis, but not the glans, is achieved. The glans could, then, appear undersized.


  1. Increase partner / female sexual pleasure. Stimulation of the vaginal walls is achieved by its contact with the male glans and penis. Increasing the volume of the glans can also increase contact stimulation. This can further promote female orgasm and increase sexual pleasure.


  1. Treatment of premature ejaculation. Hyaluronic acid creates a natural barrier between the outside environment and the internal nerve endings which can reduce the hypersensitivity of the glans. By reducing sensitivity, the duration of intercourse can increase significantly and stop premature ejaculation.


Is Glans Augmentation with hyaluronic acid filler safe?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the harmlessness and efficacy of the method. The results are considered very satisfactory, especially for the aesthetic improvement and the correction of premature ejaculation.


Other treatments for the glans to treat hypersensitivity or premature ejaculation?

Treatment options range from the use of antidepressants and anxiolytics to physical exercises with and without the partner to psychological therapies of a cognitive behavioral nature right down surgical procedures such as circumcision and/or glandular neurotomy. Medications and surgeries present far greater risks and side effects.


Glans Augmentation for hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation

Hypersensitivity of the glans, a condition caused by genetics or repeated infections, such as balanoposthitis, or caused by other conditions is considered the most frequent cause of premature ejaculation.


Glans Augmentation with dermal filler is one of the only non-surgical treatments that can treat the problem, reduce or resolve the problem, and produce benefits that are pleasing. Low risks, no need for general anesthesia, reversible, painless, quick with immediate results and almost no downtime.


Why choose Glans Augmentation with hyaluronic acid filler?

This painless, safe and simple new method of dermal filler placement produces results, as shown by studies and clinical trials, that are decisively satisfactory in a high percentage of cases. Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this method in 75% of cases treated, both in terms of increase in intercourse duration and in the satisfaction of the patient and his partner.


What is the procedure?

Specifically, after fully numbing the glans using a prescription strength anesthetic cream, hyaluronic acid is inserted just below the superficial layer of the dermis, creating an increase in the volume of the glans and a physical barrier between the external environment and the nerve endings below thereby reducing sensitivity. The duration of intercourse may be increased by up to six times that before the operation.


How long does the procedure take?

This procedure is itself 15 to 20 minutes. The numbing preparation part of the treatment is approximately one hour. Men can certainly have this on their lunch break in a little over one hour.


Can I return to Work or nonstrenuous daily activities immediately following treatment?

The procedure us absolutely simple, quick and complication risks are extremely rare.

Men having this procedure can leave the office with an ice pack for their drive and immediately resume work or other activities.


When can I resume strenuous activities or exercise?

We do ask you to refrain from exercise for 24 hours following treatment.


Will the procedure hurt?

The procedure is entirely comfortable. The treatment area is thoroughly and fully numbed before treatment. The most our patients feel is a sense of a tugging or pressure during treatment.


What should I expect after Glans Augmentation Treatment?

After the treatment, many patients feel pressure and light aching of the area. Inflammation of the area is normal and aids the final result by also somewhat stimulating the production of your own new tissue which couples with the filler nicely during the healing process.  There may be light  bruising or redness at the injection sites. There should be no pain but perhaps a little discomfort for the day following treat. We recommend the use of Tylenol to alleviate discomfort. We discourage the use of Advil, ibuprofen, steroids and other products that increase bleeding and/or thwart the natural and necessary inflammation and healing process.

We recommend that you refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours following treatment.

The area may appear lumpy due to the inflammation at the injection sites and around the filler material. This is normal part of the healing process and will resolve nicely over the next few weeks. We encouragement to be patient and allow the area to settle as it heals and not to assess their results until at least two weeks after treatment.


Why choose Dr. Bloy’s team for your glans augmentation?

Dr. Bloy’s team has decades of detailed surgical experience. They have expertise and unmatched precision in filler placement. Down to the smallest detail, they are able to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and medically effective results possible.

Penis specific procedures, including the P Shot, penile girth enhancement with hyaluronic acid filler, and acoustic wave therapy, are performed by Dr. Bloy’s team regularly every day of the work week. Penis procedures are NOT something they do on the rare occasion or a few times a year. They do them all week long and have immense experience.

Dr. Bloy’s team has patients that fly in from all over this country and from other countries for them to perform these procedures because they have an excellent comfortable bedside manner, take the time to listen and hear their patients, are honest and up front with what they can do and what to expect, and always deliver excellent results.

Dr. Bloy’s practice has 2 clean, comfortable and convenient locations in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida. The office has evening hours and is usually able to accommodate even the busiest man’s schedule due to our commitment to being flexible in scheduling.

At both of his offices, his support staff are some of the happiest, warmest, friendliest, most knowledgeable, most discreet, and most eager to please that one could find at any office anywhere. They truly love what they do, and it shows. Men always feel comfortable and well cared for as individuals.


When can I assess the final results of my procedure?

Final results will be visible a few weeks after treatment. During the first weeks after treatment, it is natural to exam in the area and possibly to assume the swelling is part of the final result or to determine that the area is now lumpy and may stay that way.

The area may appear swollen and lumpy due to the inflammation at the injection sites and around the filler material. This is normal part of the healing process and will resolve nicely over the next few weeks. We encouragement to be patient and allow the area to settle as it heals and not to assess their results until at least 3-4 weeks after treatment.

Some men end up preferring more swollen size that immediately followed treatment during the healing phase and will desire to have more filler injected to further increase the results. We ask that men do not make this decision until 3 to 4 weeks after their initial treatment so that all of the swelling and inflammation have subsided, and we can properly assess what can or should be done next. It is also important not to add to your treatment during the healing phase because this can lead to improper placement of the additional filler because it is placed while there is still swelling.


Do I need a follow up appointment?

We suggest that men schedule a follow up appointment 3 to 4 weeks after their treatment to review the results. At this time, it is possible for the patient and the provider to properly determine if they would like additional treatment or if they have satisfactorily achieved the results they were desiring or the results that are possible.


When can I resume sexual penetration?

We generally recommend that you allow 4-7 days for the filler to settle fully before resuming sexual penetration or masturbation of your treated penis. During this time, we recommend that our patients engage sexually in other ways such as orally, receiving penetration or manual stimulation of their partner – just not penetration or anything involving their newly treated penis.


Are there any contraindications to glans augmentation using hyaluronic acid filler?

Most patients are good candidates and have no complications from hyaluronic acid filler. Contraindications would include those who have had issues with hyaluronic acid filler in the past, those who have a tendency to keloid or problems healing. Dr. Bloy will assess the appropriateness of this treatment for you at your consultation and your procedure appointment and further discuss contraindications and risks.


Who is a good candidate for glans augmentation?

  • Men suffering from premature ejaculation
  • Men experiencing glans hypersensitivity
  • Men who have had or are having a penile shaft girth enhancement procedure
  • Men seeking to increase sexual friction for their partner’s pleasure
  • Men seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of misshapen, uneven or diminished glans


Glans augmentation with penile shaft girth enhancement – aesthetics and sexual satisfaction

Men you have had or are considering penile shaft girth enhancement using hyaluronic acid filler may find it aesthetically and sexually pleasing to elect to also have the glans augmentation. Treating the glans in those with penile shaft girth enhancement helps to match the increased girth of the shaft. Augmenting the glans also results in increased friction and sexual satisfaction for their partner. The glans augmentation adds to the improvements achieved by the penile shaft girth enhancement.


What is the product used in the Glans Augmentation?

Hyaluronic acid is a hypoallergenic polymer made to replicate the hyaluronic acid that we produce naturally. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are frequently used for other aesthetic reasons (filling of lips, cheekbones, wrinkles etc.). This substance is totally resorbable over time. Its volumizing effect on the face ceases after 4-5 months. Thankfully, due to the peculiar structure of the glans its volumizing and insulating effects persist in the glans for more than a year as shown in clinical studies. It is not permanent but is long lasting and can be repeated each 1-2 years. This procedure is a quick and painless outpatient procedure.



Clinical studies have demonstrated a 75% efficacy in the cases treated both in terms of increase in duration of intercourse and in the satisfaction of the patient and his partner.

  • increase in the period of ejaculatory latency
  • increase in the volume of the glans
  • increased male sexual satisfaction
  • increased partner sexual satisfaction
  • increase in the volume of the glans can improve the appearance and proportion
  • increase in female sexual pleasure (due to increased contact)


How will this effect sensitivity if I am having a Glans Augmentation for aesthetics only?

In a patient without hypersensitivity or premature ejaculation there would usually and commonly not be any significant variations in sensitivity.


What are the risks or complications may can occur?

Enhancing the glans with dermal hyaluronic acid fillers is considered nearly harmless, simple and absolutely effective. In rare cases where it does not produce the desired increase or resolve the hypersensitivity, it will likely and commonly not have caused any side effects or complications.


How many syringes will I need?

This is an entirely individualized procedure and will be customized to match your needs and anatomy. Most men will require between 1- 3 syringes, but this can vary greatly depending upon the issue and the patient’s unique anatomy.

An estimation of the number of syringes of filler required to achieve the result you are seeking will be discussed at your consultation and further at your treatment appointment, if necessary.

The practice of achieving the aesthetic or the result you are looking for is not an exact science, though, so Dr. Bloy’s team will always discuss with you what they recommend, what is most likely to achieve your goal, and continue to discuss any and all recommendations as they evolve. You will never be pressured into receiving more or spending more than you are comfortable with. You will be part of the treatment decisions every step of the way.


Is the Glans Augmentation procedure covered by health insurance?

The cost of this procedure is never covered by health insurance.


To make this procedure achievable, we do accept credit cards at no additional fee and accept CareCredit medical financing cards. CareCredit often has no interest charge options. Ask us for help or go to to find out more.


What is the cost of Glans Augmentation using hyaluronic acid filler?

The cost of Glans Augmentation is per syringe. Specific cost of your procedure based on our team and Dr. Bloy‘s expert recommendation will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Examples of the cost are:

1 syringe @$1500

2 syringes @$2400

3 syringes @$3000

4 syringes @$3600

(This is a cost schedule for syringes received in 1 treatment visit and does not apply to syringes received over time or in multiple visits)


How do I find out if treatment is right for me?

If you are interested in Glans Augmentation or are having a penile girth enhancement, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Bloy’s team to discuss your individual needs or goals. At your consultation, your provider can help you determine if Glans Augmentation is right for you.


Consultations can be done in person. We recommend an in person consultation whenever possible because this allows the patient to get more comfortable with our office and sit with the provider.


For some of our patients, an in-person consultation is not practical.

Consultations in most cases can be done as a telemedicine video visit. If a telemed visit is more convenient for someone living out of the area or for their busy schedule, please let us know when we can help you arrange this convenient yet still effective visit for your consultation. This is still a thorough consultation, though, and the fee still applies, as well as our appointment policy.


Is there a cost for consultation? 

Yes, we do charge a $150 Fee for the consultation with our provider. This allows them to spend the time and to examine your needs and goals thoroughly. It also ensures that we reserve valuable time only for those who are truly considering the procedure or who are committed to honoring their appointment’s reserved time.

We are happy to cancel or change an appointment with no charge or no loss of your consultation fee if it is done within 2 business days prior to your appointment. If you cancel your consultation in advance, your consultation fee will be refunded 100%.

If you have your appointment consultation and, then, decide to have the procedure, 100% of the consultation fee will be applied to your treatment as a credit towards the treatment cost.

If you are having a consultation for a penile girth enhancement at the same time as you are consulting on the glans augmentation, there is no additional consultation fee. The one consultation fee of $150 can cover both, if done at the same time.




What are the limitations or challenges of a Glans Augmentation?

The challenge of enlarging the Glans is that the anatomy and structure prevents significant enlargement.

It is a very vascular structure.

There is less or no space under the skin to place fillers.

There is a limit to how much the glans can be enhanced which varies from patient to patient.

Whereas with the penile shaft there is ample space under the skin.


Why would I desire a Glans Augmentation after having a penile shaft girth enhancement?

It is very common to enhance the girth of the shaft without enhancing or augmenting the glans. For some, enhancing the girth of the Penile Shaft without enlarging the Penile Glans may result in a disproportionate look.

In order to maximize the girth gain we can achieve in the penis shaft, the patient must consider whether he is concerned with asymmetry or disproportion.

A lot of men are so thrilled with the shaft girth enhancement that they do not feel limited by the glans size in proportion. And still a lot of men find that they are so thrilled with their shaft girth enhancement that they then want to increase the glans for maximum sexual and aesthetic improvements. And there are those, too, who find that after they have increased the girth, they are uncomfortable with the proportion and then, decide to have the glans enhanced. Whatever the evolving goal is, we can help you determine what is best for you and help you make a decision on treatment.


How much girth can I gain from Glans Augmentation?

Dr. Bloy has performed many Penile Glans Enlargement/Augmentation procedures and has concluded that there are only moderate gains (10-20%) even after several treatments, resulting in an increase in girth size (circumference) ranging from ½ to 1 inch. The increase in glans’ girth is limited by many anatomical/physiological factors.


Can I get Glans Augmentation and Penile Shaft Girth Enhancement simultaneously at the same visit?

Yes, these 2 procedures compliment each other and increase the penis as a whole together. They can absolutely be performed on the same treatment day if desired (and is often recommended). It is recommended that the Penile Glans treatment should be at least considered whenever you have a Penile Shaft Girth Enhancement treatment.


Do I need to have the Glans Augmentation if I am having a penile girth enhancement?

Not necessarily. The Glans normally varies in size and proportion to the shaft. It is not abnormal to have a Penile Glans that is the same size or a little smaller than the Penile Shaft. This does not always result in an appearance that is considered disproportionate.

Often times men will do the girth enhancements to the shaft and later feel that the Penile Glans is too small in comparison to the now enlarged Penile Shaft. At this time, you may choose to now have the glans treated. Doing these procedures separately is not a problem and is often an approach that many men prefer.

We do recommend at least evaluating the possible need for the Penile Glans treatments at the same time as the penile shaft girth enhancement procedure to be sure to maintain as much of a proportioned look as is possible.


Will my penis increase in length or be longer?

The enhancements of the glans and the girth of the shaft can create a longer appearing penis due to the increase of the girth that somewhat extends the length of the flaccid and erect penis. One should not however expect this treatment to significantly contribute to penis length. Any gains in length would be modest.