Radiesse Aesthetic Service at CHC

Here at Contemporary Health Center, our mission is to help you look and feel your best. While our bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy or Medi Weightloss systems go a long way in helping you feel good, we offer a wide range of other products and services to help you look your best.

One such aesthetic service is Radiesse. This revolutionary product is a volumizing filler that helps to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. An abundance of healthy collagen is what gives your skin a smooth, youthful, supple look. As we age, natural collagen begins to break down. This causes skin laxity, wrinkles and a loss in facial volume, which can make your skin look and feel old.

The good news is, if wrinkles are holding you back from looking your best…Radiesse could be the solution! The best way to refresh your appearance is by replenishing the volume your skin has lost. In doing this, wrinkles are diminished and you can get back the youthful-looking skin you desire. Radiesse volumizing filler is an ideal choice for providing immediate volume correction.

In addition to volumizing, Radiesse also stimulates your body into producing more of its own natural collagen. This is important to note, because Radiesse is the only filler on the market that does this! This combination of effects is both immediate, and long-lasting.

So how does it work?

As soon as it is injected, Radiesse immediately provides a lift to wrinkled skin because of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that comprise the product. Radiesse acts as a sort of scaffold, providing structure as your body is stimulated to grow more collagen.

This natural collagen growth will continue for several months after the injection, which extends the initial effect of Radiesse. In fact, many patients experience correction for a year or more.

If you think Radiesse might be right for you, we encourage you to call our office and set up a consultation with Dr. Bloy and his staff. You can reach us by calling (239) 333-3345. Call today!