Flatter Your Figure

A healthier lifestyle begins with the personal commitment to make changes to your daily life. As your thoughts go, so your actions will follow! It’s important to remember that a healthy lifestyle means something different from person to person. For example, the foods that give you off-the-charts energy could be pretty ho-hum for someone else. Likewise, a specific exercise regiment that produces amazing results for your friends may do little for you. Our bodies are different not only in the way we operate, but also in the way we’re shaped. While you’re walking the journey toward looking and feeling your best, set yourself up for confidence by dressing to match your body shape. Here are a few examples of what to wear and what to avoid when you’re heading out for the day!

PearA Pear Shape
If you have a well-defined waist but your hips are wider than your bust line, you fall into the pear-shaped category. The goal for dressing this body type is finding clothes that balance out the bottom and top halves by making you appear slimmer through the hips. Short sleeves or shoulder pads can help balance out your top, while low-rise, straight-legged pants slim the bottom. Choose skirts that are straight or slightly flared, but avoid anything that hugs the hips too closely. Wearing a chunky necklace draws attention away from your bottom half. Don’t wear skirts or pants that are tapered at the bottom and stay away from skirts, dresses or belts that add additional bulk to your bottom half.


AppleAn Apple Shape
If you are round through the middle and narrower in the legs then you have an apple-shaped body. Dress to bring attention away from your midsection
to your face, and choose colors, patterns and shapes that lengthen your body. Wearing the same color on top and bottom will give the illusion of
a longer body. For tops, choose lower necklines and don’t tuck in shirts. Fabrics that flow rather than cling to the midsection are generally more flattering, and skirts should either be straight or slightly flared.


HourglassAn Hourglass Shape
If your hips and bust are proportioned and you have a well-defined waist then you fall into the hourglass category. The goal here is to wear clothing that defines your waist without adding bulk to the top or bottom. Wear soft, clingy fabrics that are fitted but not too tight. Belts that cinch at the waist are perfect for defining your figure. Stay away from baggy styles that don’t show off your waist, which may make you look heavy or boxy. Avoid high necklines (unless you have a small bust) as they make your top half look disproportionately larger than your hips.



Remember these are just guidelines! Of course, no matter what your body shape, wear clothes that you feel happy and comfortable in. Remember, confidence is half the battle.