Under the supervision of Dr. Bloy, using the Medi-Weightloss Clinics® program many of our patients lose up to 10 POUNDS the first week!* You will learn effective appetite management and how to maintain your weight loss.

Medi-Weightloss Clinics® truly is a wellness program. It is a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. With the medically supervised weight loss program we will teach you strategies to keep the weight off.

*On average, Medi-Weightloss Clinics® patients lose 7 pounds the first week and 2 to 3 pounds each week thereafter for the first month. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.


Health & Wellness

There are many health benefits to weight loss. We can help you get there!

Feel Good

Loving yourself even more it’s just one of the many advantages of reaching that goal number.

Better Sleep

A full and satisfying night of sleep is priceless.

Be More Active

Losing weight may help you be more active, and make it easier to maintain.

Health & Wellness

There are many health benefits to weight loss. We can help you get there!

Feel Good

Loving yourself even more it’s just one of the many advantages of reaching that goal number.

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I would like to tell you why one of the best things in life you can do for yourself is to adapt a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean not eating things that you love. It simply means eating within your body’s limits. I had every excuse in the book why not to even try.1) I was going to be 60 years old in 10 months

2) I was disabled exercise was not happening

3) I was depressed over my situation

4) I am in pain every day

5) It will take me way too long to lose this weight

6) Why take away the only enjoyment I have left, my food

7) I can’t afford it at this time

And so on and so on…. But I have a wonderful husband who told me I was beautiful every day and that if I wanted this, I could do it. I was borderline diabetic, my sugar was sky high and my obesity brought on high blood pressure. I could now add this to the list along with all my disabilities. I talked to my husband Ted and I explained to him that we really could not afford Medi Weight Loss. It wasn’t an excuse it was a fact. His response was, “You can’t afford not to. You are going to die.” Boom, there it was point blank. It was time to do something for me.

I had seen success with different people who went to Medi Weight Loss. The key for me was that they were able to maintain their weight and were actually happy about it. I never heard about all the things they could no longer enjoy, but all the things they could enjoy. I went to Medi Weight Loss Clinic in South Fort Myers, Florida. It took an hour to get to the clinic. There were clinics closer, but I didn’t want to run into anyone I knew because of the way I looked. I am glad I made that trek every week it was so worth it. I was so surprised my first visit. It was like old home week. Everyone treated me like a long lost relative. Everything was explained in great detail, and as much time as it took for me to “get it” that is how much time they were willing to spend with me. The cost was really affordable because I no longer bought all the fast food, junk food, sodas and all the things I had been poisoning my body with. I actually believe that my weekly cost to Medi Weight Loss was less than I had been spending at the grocery store each week to support my habit of over eating. I received my starter bag and off I went, nervous and looking to fail. But in the first week I lost 13 ½ pounds. Boom, my confidence meter just shot up a few pegs. The people there are incredible. I actually love everyone in that office. They actually are like family to me. So you want to know what the ending to this saga is. I lost 117 pounds in 9 ½ months. I went from a tight 24 jeans to a very comfortable 8. I don’t shop in the plus sizes anymore and my clothes don’t look like something my grandmother would have worn. I learned how to eat to live, not live to eat. Oh I did gain after I hit my goal. I gained confidence, how to smile again and a lot of new friends at Medi Weight Loss. We are still seeing each other because they are continuing to teach me new ways to keep my new body and stay healthy and very happy. They don’t just disappear when you hit your goal. They are there for as long as you need them and then some. I am no longer borderline diabetic, my sugar is at a healthy level and I am now not in that percentile of Americans that are morbidly obese. I am 60 years old and am still disabled. But, I can finally say I am happy in my own skin.

Debbie Grainger