Celebrate the Smart Way

Autumn has begun, the leaves are changing, the weather is (finally) cooling down, and, in colorful German tradition, the Oktoberfest shindigs are in full-swing! With the summer months behind us and the holiday season just ahead, it’s important to start thinking about your weight loss goals now.

Holiday parties are an important part of social interaction – whether they be with friends and coworkers or with family. And while you can’t always control what will be served at parties or events, you can stay in control of what you’re taking in!

Wines are uncorked, eggnog flows and beer steins are dusted off in anticipation of good times and great company! While abstaining from alcohol is the right way to go for many of us, if you do choose to indulge in celebration, and with Oktoberfest in mind, here are 8 beers under 100 calories:


It’s important not only to drink responsibly, but also to drink sensibly. Don’t let yourself slide back in terms of the goals you’ve already reached in your journey. Instead, decide ahead of time what you’ll drink, what you’ll eat, and reap the rewards of self-discipline!

Medi Weight Loss Patients, Please Note: During Acute Weight Loss, we recommend that you avoid all alchoholic beverages because they are typically calorie-laden. Try to stick with water and zero-calorie electrolyte replacement drinks to stay hydrated. Crystal Light has a line of mocktail water additives that may do the trick for you.