Balsamic Pork Chops

Here’s an easy & tasty way to dress up your pork chops without spending crazy carb calories!

Serving Size: 1 chop   Calories: 188   Total Fat: 6g  Total Carbs: 6g  Protein: 25g


16 oz pork chops
½ cup balsamic vinegar
2 tsp poultry seasoning
⅓ cup low-sodium chicken broth

1. Trim fat from chops and sprinkle each side with poultry seasoning.
2. Place a skillet over medium heat and coat with cooking spray.
3. Cook the chops 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until lightly browned.
4. Remove, cover with paper towel, and set aside.
5. Wipe the skillet with a paper towel.
6. Combine the vinegar and broth in the skillet.
7. Cook over medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes or until mixture is reduced to a thin sauce, stirring occasionally.
8. Remove sauce from heat and spoon over pork chops.