6 Tips for Good Nutrition

It’s probably safe to say that as a culture, we have never been more health-conscious than we are in this day and age. This is the era of fad diets, gluten-free menus, diet pills and complicated food intake formulas based on everything from your blood type to your hair color. But does good nutrition need to be so convoluted? Below are 6 simple tips for good nutrition.


1. Avoid Overeating

While this may sound like a given, there is a difference between calling it quits when you are no longer hungry and calling it quits when you are full. When you’ve reached that “full” feeling, chances are you could’ve quit eating a few forkfuls ago. Overeating can lead to digestive problems and abdominal discomfort. Save yourself the trouble and cut your meals down to sensible portions.


2. Remember Why You’re Eating

When we strip away all the cuisine and culinary temptations, food is really just energy for our bodies. Enjoying a good meal or something more than just basic fare can be a good thing, but it’s important to keep in mind that food is fuel. The better the fuel you put in, the better response you will get from your body and your overall energy levels.


3. Think Naturally

The best foods on earth come from just that – the earth. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats is vital to a balanced metabolism. Instead of reaching for processed alternatives, try and find more natural items to fill your grocery cart. Remember that we were eating food long before factories came around!


4. Organic Isn’t Just a Trend

It’s easy to be critical of some of the stigma and marketing surrounding the organic movement but the reality is that organic products really can make a huge difference in your nutrition. Foods grown, harvested or processed using inorganic means will usually contain tons of preservatives or added chemicals such as pesticides. It’s a great idea to buy organic as often as possible.


5. Watch What You Drink

Since the advent of sugary sodas and other drinks, we’ve been searching for “healthier” alternatives. But it’s important to keep in mind that most products that contain the words “diet” or “sugar-free” are full of artificial sweeteners that can cause health problems beyond that of the sugar in a can of cola. Artificial sweeteners can significantly slow down your body’s metabolism. When you’re reaching for a beverage, keep a cool glass of water at the top of your list.


6. Take Your Time

Remember that good nutrition is a long-term investment. It’s more a marathon than a sprint. Keep in mind that it’s taken your whole life to develop your current nutrition habits. Don’t try and change your life overnight. Try and make changes a week or two at a time. As those changes develop into habits, evaluate the impact they are having on your life and identify other areas that might need improvement.